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  • Bluetooth® Low Energy Networks is an Internet of Things platform to connect everyday objects, sensors and wearables into a mesh network.

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  • Cloud Connected Platform

    Web platform and API to manage multiple Bluetooth Low Energy networks. Native mobile SDK for iOS and Android for easy integration with any third party app.

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What is

Bluetooth Low Energy

also known as Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart


Bluetooth is the only low energy wireless technology immediately available on Android, iOS and Windows devices since 2012. This is a royalty free standard to allow a low cost implementation.


Bluetooth is designed for 1:1 connectivity between a slave device and one master controller, usually a tablet or a smartphone.


Our solution provides inter-connected compact Bluetooth network nodes to connect a large number of low energy devices into a mesh network.


Mesh nodes automatically join their network and can be programmed to connect to surrounding third party devices.
Mesh gateway connects the entire network to Internet.






Flexible configuration: multiple network typologies.

Scalability: new nodes and networks can be added with no changes to the existing nodes configuration.

Cloud ready: web API and management panel for data gathering, control and reconfiguration.

Existing third-party devices support: through Bluetooth Low Energy GATT services and configuration tools.

Mobile SDK: iOS and Android SDK for easy integration of technologies into third-party applications.

Most demanding technologies: Apple iBeacon, Samsung Proximity and profiles available for mesh nodes to convert them into ultimate location tags.

Network clusters: smart rules allow triggers to be fired among multiple inter-connected networks.

Low Power: flexible power safe profiles.



Smart business node acting as a proximity/location tag can help customers to orient in a store, museum, airport, city or any other place and push audio or visual information to a customer’s smartphone based on its location.

Being a network connected node, it will share and re-transmit its battery level state, inplace temperature, humidity and other information gathered from all available sensors and push all data to a centralized Internet location for real time processing and data analysis.


Smart living

Third party devices support and highly customizable smart rules enable inter-device communication to monitor environment values with existing sensors and to define connected peripherals behavior for street lights, unauthorized access alarms, heating valves or home appliances.

Intelligent waste management with our nodes includes secured garbage containers for residential use enabled via a smartphone. Network connection provides a real-time information on the container condition, its filling state and individual usage.

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